Sailing Away is a new song done using Logic Pro studio with a Yamaha silent classical guitar and my voice. 

Humboldt County Overture, from the 2015 Release "The Forgetting". The photos are by Lane Thomsen and were all taken in Humboldt County, California. The guitar is a Martin DX model.


Bach Sides Now is a variation on on Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell, written for classical quartet of guitar, piano, cello, and flute. The audio was generated from the score using Guitar Pro 7.

Escondido is an original instrumental, intended to be evocative of this small town in the early 1900's, where my grandfather lived and built 18 homes. I am playing my Yamaha Silent Classical guitar. 

I'll Fly Away is an old Reverend Gary Davis tune which this harkens to.

The Road to Berkeley Springs is a little road trip song inspired by the winding Route 9 which winds through the Appalachian Mountains to the town. 

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