From the recording Experimental Matrix

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© 2010 Steven Grigsby


Another Monday

It’s just another Monday
And I’m on my way to work
It’s still early in the morning
Traffic’s already gone berserk

Up above us in the sunlight flies an Eagle
Like an angel in the wind
Looking down on us commuters
I can swear I see him grin

And then I think about how much time we’ve spent
Pursuing other people’s dreams
As if their ambitions brought us happiness
In this forest of their schemes

I want to call you on my cellphone
And shout out loud “we could be free”
But I’m stuck outside of DC
With a million dreamers in this fantasy

But in the end, it’s a small circle of friends
That helps us wake up from this dream
I hope you’ll be there when the whistle blows
And from this madness take me in your wings