From the recordings The Forgetting and Album Tracks

© 1976 Steven Grigsby (ASCAP)


Jenny Come Home

Jenny come home
There’s a house that is warm
And a place that was set for two
I miss your dresses, and distresses, and your missing pair of shoes
And this part of my heart that is you

Jenny I know
What you’re feeling inside
It’s hard when you strike out alone
But before I go, I want you to know
Jenny I need you come home

I could catch a ride to some other place
Where nothing reminds me of you
But as the dawn comes
And my life hurries on
I find myself waiting on you

Jenny there’s pain
Where love has remained
It’s burning as bright as the sun
And as I open my eyes, and see the sunrise
Jenny I need you, come home
Jenny I need you come home