From the recording The Forgetting

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© 1976 Steven Grigsby (ASCAP)


The Golden Rule

It’s an easy mistake that everyone makes
And no one ever calls it a crime
It’s like the guy in the rain who tried to sell you his watch
And you asked him if he had the time

It’s an easy thing to do if you can’t see
That you’re around half blind
It’s like turning your back on the girl on the corner
When all she asked you for was a dime
Buddy can you spare a dime?

Well, be good to yourself, it’s the right thing to do
But please be good to others too
Try to be smart, try to see with your heart
And put yourself in the other guy’s shoes

Now I know you wouldn’t like it to be down on your luck
With no one caring ‘bout your blues
Of all the Ten Commandments, there’s only one that matters
Try and live the Golden Rule
I said try and live the Golden Rule